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Itqanpreneurs_NEWS (19/1/2021) – In a previous article entitled “Resources, the Heart of Entrepreneur Success, we quote from Ridzwan et al. (2017). Ridzwan et al. (2017) argue that resources are at the heart of an Entrepreneur’s success. Therefore, it becomes essential to know the dimensions of resources. It is to optimize resources, from potentially appropriate, to something effective, beneficial, and beneficial.

Many researchers discuss the dimension of resources (Limsong et al., 2017). First, resources in the financial dimension, known as financial resources. Financial resources have many functions, among others: working capital and investment. As working capital, financial resources are useful to meet the working capital needs of businesses. In the business capital working contingent, financial resources are used to meet cash and non-cash needs, for example, an inventory of goods and others that are short-term (business needs daily, monthly, and less than one year).

According to Das (2000), financial resources can be obtained from oneself, spouse/family, and bank. Financial resources can also be obtained from zakat management entities, endowment management entities, and non-governmental organizations. The financial resource schema models at each source are different. For that, entrepreneurs need to learn more about financing schemes, grants/assistance, rolling funds, and other models. Thus, entrepreneurs can collaborate with entities that fit the characteristics of their financial resource needs.

Second, resources in the family support dimension. Family support is an essential element in building a business. There are various forms of support that families can provide to Entrepreneurs, including fund support for capital and investment, motivational support, and prayer support. All these forms of support, God willing, will provide benefits and influence for entrepreneurs’ success. It becomes essential for families to give support to our brothers and sisters who are Entrepreneurs. Hope to create business success.

Third, resources in the dimension of government support. Government support is very beneficial for the progress and success of Entrepreneurs. Various forms of government support include policy, mode of work and investment, technology transfer, partnership opportunities, and more.

Dear Entrepreneurs, congratulations on trying to optimize the business resources you are currently managing. * Author Efri Syamsul Bahri, Founder Itqanpreneurs Advisory Group. email:, (19/1/2021)

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