The study was a departure from the village community Buanajaya the poor and disadvantaged. The concept and framework of thinking begins with a premise that socio-economic conditions of society related to how they seek to empower their potential. The method used is descriptive research method with qualitative approach. Results and Discussion of the findings of this study found that the process of empowerment of poor communities through Koperasi Ikhtiar Swadaya Mandiri done in stages, namely: awareness, capacity building and empowernment. In conclusion and advice is found that the existence of Koperasi Ikhtiar Swadaya Mandiri plays an important role in empowering the poor in the village of Buanajaya Tanjungsari Bogor district. The success of Koperasi Ikhtiar Swadaya Mandiri because of 3 (three) main factors namely: integrity of management, discipline groups and support from NGOs and Cooperatives and Industry, Bogor regency.

Penulis *) Efri S Bahri, SE.Ak, M.Si adalah dosen STEI SEBI dan Direktur Mitra Peduli Indonesia (MPI).

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